The territory

Gambellara is at the border between Vicenza and Verona, on the last spur of the Lessini mountains that look like soft waves at an altitude of between 250 and 350 meters, covered by vines and lush valleys crossed by several waterways. In geological terms, the area is of volcanic origin, with basaltic soils conforming more or less to the form of earthy and friable tuffs, which offer natural fertility particularly favourable to vine-growing, and a high mineral content that gives the wine its extraordinary accents. The area where vineyards are currently cultivated extends for about thousand hectares of predominantly hilly area, most of which are in the so-called “classic” region, the oldest area of provenance.

The vineyards

The Gargànega grape variety is the luminary of the vineyards, grown almost exclusively in the western part of Veneto, which produces white, sparkling and passiti wines of outstanding quality.